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Family affairs and family drama have always been popular in movies and series, but in the porn industry family sex is the big thing. With its increasing volume of story lines and videos on your favorite porn tube sites across the internet, these are all easy to find. Family members having sex is popular maybe because it is the biggest taboo that can ever be done, and of course, the more negative thing it could be—the more possible it is enjoyable by others. But that doesn't mean everyone is out there having family-game-night orgies or that they even want to have sex with their family. And truly, most incest porn is not really bringing out the desire of having sex with a family member, but more like feeling and having the intimacy of those family relationships. Well because of that, porn videos with incest theme are now popular—hell, there are videos out there with mother, daughter, and father having sex together on their bedroom at home. Scenes where the mother is teaching her daughter the right way of getting fucked, holding her down while her husband is banging her brains out and screaming at the top of her lungs. Audiences are enjoying these videos because for them, taboo has always been sexy and hot. People like the idea of being forbidden, but porn is not real life. The vast majority of people who enjoy incest porn would be disgusted by the idea of actually committing incest with their own family members. Rape fantasies are ridiculously common, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to actually be raped. In other ways, incest porn is popular because maybe popular because age play is popular—it is having people on the screen having sex with their big age gap, representing a father and daughter or a mother and son relationship.

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